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Basic tutorials

Basic Walktest tutorial: Walktest is the essential testing application for Crystal Space. Strongly recommended for newbies.

Bugplug tutorial: The Crystal Space project has a special plugin for bughunting. This tutorial shows you, how can you use it.

Cally in the maze tutorial. This series shows you step by step, how you can make a game with Crystal Space:

Advanced tutorials

Halo tutorial: This tutorial gives you an example, how can you use halo lights in CS.

Portal tutorial: A tutorial about portals. Mirrors, teleporters, traps.

Professional tutorials

Luaplugin tutorial: Do you like Lua? Let's go to write a Lua binding plugin.

Building tutorials

Crosscompiling Crystal Space for Windows using GNU/Linux: This tutorial explains how you can compile Crystal Space for Windows on GNU/Linux.

Artist Tutorials

Efficient textures tutorial: This tutorial is about creating efficient textures in Crystal Space.

GIMP texture tutorial: Building patterns for GIMP so they can easily be used when creating textures.

Building a character mesh in Blender tutorial: A tutorial explaining how to build a low polygon character mesh in Blender.

Character Texture Mapping tutorial: A tutorial explaining how to texture map a character model in Blender.

Breakdown of an XML World File: This tutorial explains various parts of the Crystal Space XML world file format by going over an example.

Reflection Shader Tutorial: This is a tutorial that explains how you can use the dynamic reflection shader that is included with Crystal Space.

For other tutorials related to Blender and Crystal Space have a look at the Documentation of Blender2Crystal.

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