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Tutorials for Developers

Most of the tutorials are supplied by our community and the style may vary between them. If you do find an error in one of them, please report it to the developers and we will try to correct it.

Basic tutorials

Basic Walktest tutorial: Walktest is the essential testing application for Crystal Space. Strongly recommended for newbies.

Bugplug tutorial: The Crystal Space project has a special plugin for bughunting. This tutorial will show you, how you can use it.

Cally in the Maze tutorial. This series shows you step by step, how you can make a game with Crystal Space:

CEL menu tutorial: How to implement a game menu using CEL billboards

CEL XML syntax guide: Guide to CEL XML syntax with examples

Deploying Your Game To Windows Computers: This tutorial can help you deploy your compiled application to another computer for internal testing purposes. This tutorial only demonstrates how to do this under Windows.

Shader 101 tutorial: Introduction to shaders

Advanced tutorials

Halo tutorial: This tutorial gives you an example, how you can use halo lights in CS.

CEL navigation tutorial: Tutorial about artificial intelligence navigation and moving.

Professional tutorials

Luaplugin tutorial: Do you like Lua? Let's go to write a Lua binding plugin.

CEL plugin template: If you want to make your own plugin for CEL, here is a quick template, to show you how.

Building tutorials

Crosscompiling Crystal Space for Windows using GNU/Linux: This tutorial explains how you can compile Crystal Space for Windows on GNU/Linux.

Code::Blocks tutorial This tutorial describes step by step, how you can make an external CS project with Code:Blocks.

KDevelop IDE configuration for use with Crystal Space & CEL: This tutorial shows how to set up KDevelop in order to use it to create a Crystal Space or CrystalEntityLayer application in KDE.

Compiling Python plugins with MSVC Have you issues with Python bindings? Then follow this tutorial.

Tutorials for Artists

Best practices: Important things to remember.

Efficient textures tutorial: This tutorial is about creating efficient textures in Crystal Space.

GIMP texture tutorial: Building patterns for GIMP so they can easily be used when creating textures.

Building a character mesh in Blender tutorial: A tutorial explaining how to build a low polygon character mesh in Blender.

Character Texture Mapping tutorial: A tutorial explaining how to texture map a character model in Blender.

Breakdown of an XML World File: This tutorial explains various parts of the Crystal Space XML world file format by going over an example.

Reflection Shader Tutorial: This is a tutorial that explains how you can use the dynamic reflection shader that is included with Crystal Space.

Car Modelling in Blender: This is a tutorial that shows steps of the lo-poly car modelling.

USGS terrain in Crystal Space walktest using the perspective project importer.
USGS terrain in Crystal Space walktest using the perspective project importer.

Using USGS for Terrain heightmaps is a good way to easily make a realistic terrain with little effort.

For other tutorials related to Blender and Crystal Space have a look at the Documentation of Blender2Crystal.

Some useful tutorials can be found on the Ecksdee artist section, namely creating realistic terrains and other such info.

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