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Breast Lift San Antonio

breast lift San Antonio before and right after at New Day Plastic Surgery	

Breast lift procedures with and devoid of implants: the Harmony Breast Lift

Should you be considering a breast lift San Antonio Texas, New Day Plastic Surgery Center provides one of the most advanced possibilities such as limited incisions breast lift and breast lift with implants, the Harmony Procedure. For ladies who want a fuller bust line along with a lift, we routinely perform breast implant surgery at the same time as the breast lift to harmonize breast shape in one procedure.

Breast Lift with implants: one particular or two procedures?

If you're thinking about a breast lift in Texas note that all lift strategies could be utilized with implants and sufferers undergo breast lift with implant routinely at our Center. For females who desire an improved upper breast fullness, who've decreased tissue density, or would like to retain or improve size, we advise the usage of implants or Lipotransfer at the same time because the breast lift. For anyone who is contemplating a breast lift in San Antonio you must take into consideration the extensive expertise of Dr. Mario Diana, which involves all breast lift tactics with and without breast implants.

Breast procedures and tummy tuck in mixture: the mommy makeover san antonio

Breast lift and tummy tuck in San Antonio as a combined process (also referred to as the “Mommy Makeover”) can be performed as outpatient (no overnight stay) safely. Dr. Diana and New Day Plastic Surgery features a really significant expertise with this method to Mommy Makeover because the year 2000, performing outpatient breast lift and mommy makeover with great outcomes and lowered recovery.

Breast lift San Antonio - A lot of possibilities are obtainable, including:

1. The periareolar or Benelli lift: reduced scars and complete breast shape effect with the Harmony Process

With this technique, also known as the Benelli lift, the incision is created around the areola, with no any other visible scar underneath or around the breast. The breast tissue is reshaped and special sutures are placed to firm and assistance the new breast structure. The correct functionality of this process is vital for the outcome, since the help and the position of your nipple on the breast mound are controlled by these sutures.

The periareolar or Benelli lift is really a quite helpful approach for young females with fairly dense breasts and mild degree of sag (ptosis level one or two). The Benelli lift also can be a excellent alternative for women with soft, stretchy breast tissues as well as a greater degree of sag. In these instances, an implant is typically added for the lift to improve shape (see above). In case you are thinking about a breast lift or perhaps a breast lift with implants the Benelli breast lift might be an excellent choice.

Most circumstance of mild “sag” (ptosis) in young patients might be corrected by a periareolar lift (“Benelli” lift). That is a technically tough operation so final results differ considerably from surgeon to surgeon.

The breast gland should really be dense and a minimum of a B cup

Nipple position must be no lower than the breast fold

The objectives in the procedure must be to possess a naturally lifted breast look.

Any process, including the Benelli lift, will leave some scars that may well be visible permanently. For additional facts on Breast Lift San Antonio with all the Benelli approach please get in touch with our workplace for any individual consultation.

2. The vertical lift.

The Vertical lift includes a lollypop pattern scar that goes around the areola and extend down for the fold.

With this technique, the tissue about the areola is usually freed up as well as the tissue inside the decrease portion in the breast can be moved under the areola itself or above it, to make a fuller shape in the upper pole. The vertical reduction approach might be utilised for both lift and reduction with outstanding benefits.

The Vertical strategy of breast lift is a really potent and efficient technique, only limited by some exceptional anatomy or specific skin and tissue challenges. Most sufferers are pleased to possess a decreased scar pattern and steer clear of the incision beneath the breast, that is the one with the most typical problems of thickening and irritation wearing a bra. For anyone who is contemplating a Breast Lift in San Antonio you must make contact with New Day Plastic Surgery Center to get a individual evaluation.

3. The Weise pattern or “Anchor” lift.

The Weise pattern lift or “anchor” lift is definitely the most common pattern utilized in breast lift. It is a pretty productive incision pattern that provides access to all the locations of the breast and permit full manage over shape, position and size.

The anchor lift pattern might be utilized in procedures like the Spiral Flap, the Laser Bra, and Internal Suspension suture lift. The scar pattern in an anchor breast lift goes around the areola, down to the fold, and across the fold in a variable length.

The Weise pattern or “anchor” pattern breast lift can be effectively performed in any breast size, shape and density, producing this process essentially the most readily utilized by most Plastic Surgeons. The Weise lift pattern has on the other hand probably the most scars, so to improve the scar healing we routinely make use of the Internal Bra strategy, limiting scar tension and providing probably the most assistance for this certain breast lift San Antonio.

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