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Apricot Open game

Apricot is the Open Game project in cooperation with the Blender project. It aims to produce both a fun game whose source and content is open, improvements to Blender for making it a better tool for creating games, and adding turning CrystalSpace into a modern engine.

If you want to chat about Apricot you can visit the #opengame IRC channel on FreeNode.net.

For Apricot game discussions, ideas, whatever you can visit the Apricot Forums.

The Apricot Open Game project recruitment starts now! We are looking for three Blender artists to come to Amsterdam for 3 to 6 months to help us making a compelling 3D game using Crystal Space and Blender! Read this article at the Blender site for more information.

In addition you can also participate in the new Open Projects Forum to discuss Apricot and other open projects.

Help Support Apricot and Crystal Space!

The Apricot team has been selected and is ready to make a smashing game using Crystal Space and Blender. In order to support this Apricot project (and support Crystal Space!) you can pre-order the DVD. This is very important for us as it gives us the needed funds to make sure the project can go for six months. You can get more information and pre-order information at The Apricot Blog. Thanks for your support!

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