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YoFrankie! Open game

YoFrankie! is the Open Game project in cooperation with the Blender project. It aims to produce both a fun game whose source and content is open and improvements to the technologies used, ie to Blender for making it a better tool for creating games and to CrystalSpace to add features expected from modern games.


Work on YoFrankie! has ended in August 2008. The DVD is expected to be shipped out during November 2008. To get the latest information on the project visit The YoFrankie Homepage.

Be aware that late in the development a 'split' was made, resulting in two versions of the game — a “CrystalSpace” and “Blender Game Engine” version — worked on by different parts of the team. For the reasons of this please read the announcing article on the YoFrankie! blog. The DVD will contain assets and code for both versions.


If you want to chat about Apricot you can visit the #opengame IRC channel on FreeNode.net.

For YoFrankie! game discussions, ideas, whatever you can visit the YoFrankie! Forums.

In addition you can also participate in the new Open Projects Forum to discuss YoFrankie! and other open projects.

You Can Still Help Support YoFrankie!

Even if the project is now finished you can still support the Blender Institute by pre-ordering the DVD. This will help them to fund other open projects in the future. You can get more information and pre-order information at The YoFrankie! Blog. Thanks for your support!

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