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scfFakeInterface< If > Class Template Reference
[Shared Class Facility (SCF)]

Fugly helper to resolve some bad situations. More...

#include <csutil/scf_implementation.h>

Detailed Description

template<class If>
class scfFakeInterface< If >

Fugly helper to resolve some bad situations.

;) Basically, it adds a new entry to QueryInterface() without adding another class to inheritance.

Consider the following case:

 struct iA : public virtual iBase {};
 struct iB : public iA {};

 class myB : public scfImplementation1<myB, iB> {..}.

Querying iA from myB will then fail even though myB inherits from iA (through iB). By changing the declaration to

 class myB : public scfImplementation2<myB, iB, scfFakeInterface<iA> > {..}

you make sure you can query iA from myB.

This is potentially dangerous as you can add whatever interface to another. USE WITH CARE!

Definition at line 114 of file scf_implementation.h.

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