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Image interface. More...

#include "csutil/scf.h"

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struct  iImage
 The iImage interface is used to work with image objects. More...


Image format masks

We can request csImageLoader to load an image in several formats.

The format we should use depends on what we want to do with the image; usually if we're going to use the image as a texture, the format we should use is determined by querying the 3D rasterizer for the preferred image format.

#define CS_IMGFMT_ALPHA   (0x00010000)
 Do we need alpha channel or not.
 Autodetect: use whatever format the file is in. Use ONLY for loading.
#define CS_IMGFMT_INVALID   (0x80000000)
 This flag indicates an invalid image format.
#define CS_IMGFMT_MASK   (0x0000ffff)
 The mask to separate the image format apart.
#define CS_IMGFMT_NONE   (0x00000000)
 We don't want the pixels at all, just (possibly) the alphamap.
#define CS_IMGFMT_PALETTED8   (0x00000002)
 8-bit indexed paletted image
#define CS_IMGFMT_TRUECOLOR   (0x00000001)
 Truecolor format (r/g/b/unused resp.


enum  csImageType { csimg2D = 0, csimg3D, csimgCube }

Type of an image.


Detailed Description

Image interface.

Definition in file image.h.

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