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Describe the long-named options requested by the application. More...

#include <csutil/getopt.h>

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Describe the long-named options requested by the application.

The LONG_OPTIONS argument to getopt_long or getopt_long_only is a vector of `struct option' terminated by an element containing a name which is zero.

The field `has_arg' is:

   no_argument		(or 0) if the option does not take an argument,
   required_argument	(or 1) if the option requires an argument,
   optional_argument 	(or 2) if the option takes an optional argument.

If the field `flag' is not 0, it points to a variable that is set to the value given in the field `val' when the option is found, but left unchanged if the option is not found.

To have a long-named option do something other than set an `int' to a compiled-in constant, such as set a value from `optarg', set the option's `flag' field to zero and its `val' field to a nonzero value (the equivalent single-letter option character, if there is one). For long options that have a zero `flag' field, `getopt' returns the contents of the `val' field.

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