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csutil/sysfunc.h File Reference

Common system functions. More...

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "csextern.h"
#include "csutil/ref.h"

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System functions

bool csDefaultRunLoop (iObjectRegistry *)
 Implements a default run-loop for stand-alone applications.
int csFPrintf (FILE *file, const char *str,...)
 CS version of fprintf (file, str, .
int csFPrintfV (FILE *file, const char *str, va_list arg)
 CS version of vfprintf (stderr, str, .
int64 csGetMicroTicks ()
 Get the current elapsed time in microseconds (us).
csPtr< iConfigFilecsGetPlatformConfig (const char *key)
 Get a platform-specific per-user config object.
csString csGetPlatformConfigPath (const char *key, bool local=false)
 Get a platform-specific path to store per-user configuration data.
csTicks csGetTicks ()
 Get the current tick count.
csString csGetUsername ()
 Get the username of the account running the program.
bool csPlatformShutdown (iObjectRegistry *)
 Platform-specific shutdown.
bool csPlatformStartup (iObjectRegistry *)
 Platform-specific startup.
int csPrintf (const char *str,...)
 CS version of printf.
int csPrintfErr (const char *str,...)
 CS version of fprintf (stderr, str, .
int csPrintfErrV (const char *str, va_list arg)
 CS version of vfprintf (stderr, str, .
int csPrintfV (const char *str, va_list arg)
 CS version of vprintf.
void csSleep (int)
 This function will freeze your application for given number of 1/1000 seconds.

Detailed Description

Common system functions.

Definition in file sysfunc.h.

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