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csgeom/trimeshlod.h File Reference

Triangle mesh collapsing. More...

#include "csextern.h"
#include "csgeom/trimesh.h"
#include "csutil/list.h"

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class  csTriangleLODAlgo
 Algorithm class that calculates the cost of a vertex. More...
class  csTriangleLODAlgoEdge
 This subclass of csTriangleLODAlgo uses a very simple cost metric to calculate the vertex cost. More...
class  csTriangleMeshLOD
 A static class which performs the calculation of the best order to do the collapsing of a triangle mesh. More...
class  csTriangleVertexCost
 The representation of a vertex in a triangle mesh. More...
class  csTriangleVerticesCost
 A class which holds vertices and connectivity information for a triangle mesh. More...
class  csTriangleVerticesSorted
 This class works closely with csTriangleVerticesCost and maintains a sorted (on cost) view of the vertices. More...

Detailed Description

Triangle mesh collapsing.

Definition in file trimeshlod.h.

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