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iutil/vfs.h File Reference

Virtual File System SCF interface. More...

#include "csutil/scf.h"
#include "iutil/databuff.h"
#include <time.h>

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struct  csFileTime
 File time structure - used to query and set the last-modification time of a file. More...
struct  iFile
 A replacement for FILE type in the virtual file space. More...
struct  iVFS
 The Virtual Filesystem Class is intended to be the only way for Crystal Space engine to access the files. More...


namespace  CS

Main namespace for CrystalSpace.

namespace  CS::Deprecated

Contains deprecated code that will be removed after next stable release.

namespace  CS::Memory

Memory allocation.


#define ASSIGN_FILETIME(ft, tm)   CS::Deprecated::ASSIGN_FILETIME(ft, tm);
#define VFS_MAX_PATH_LEN   256
 The maximal "virtual" path+filename length.
#define VFS_PATH_DIVIDER   ','
 Composite path divider.
#define VFS_PATH_SEPARATOR   '/'
 The "virtual" path separator.
File opening flags

#define VFS_FILE_APPEND   0x00000002
 Open file for append.
#define VFS_FILE_MODE   0x0000000f
 File open mode mask.
#define VFS_FILE_READ   0x00000000
 Open file for reading.
#define VFS_FILE_UNCOMPRESSED   0x80000000
 Store file uncompressed (no gain possible).
#define VFS_FILE_WRITE   0x00000001
 Open file for writing.
File status codes

 Access denied: either you have no write access, the filesystem is read-only or you tried to read a file opened for write access.
 An error occured during reading or writing data.
 Device has no more space for file data.
#define VFS_STATUS_OK   0
 File status ok.
#define VFS_STATUS_OTHER   1
 Unclassified error.
 Not enough system resources.

Detailed Description

Virtual File System SCF interface.

Definition in file vfs.h.

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