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1.11 Documentation Authors & Contributors

Documentation for the Crystal Space project has been written and edited by numerous volunteers. This section pays tribute to both the major documentation contributors as well as the minor ones. In cases where a section or chapter has been wholly authored or extensively edited by a single individual, notice of that contribution is included as part of the section or chapter itself.

The following people have made significant contributions to the Crystal Space documentation by authoring large portions of this manual, often with entire chapters or sections to their name.

The following list of people have contributed to the Crystal Space documentation effort in various ways over time. In some cases their work has become obsolete or has been superceded by more recent work and is, therefore, absent from this manual, but we thank them anyhow. This list is ordered alphabetically by surname.

If we have forgotten anyone or missed a contribution, we sincerely apologize. Please feel free to send corrections.

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