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1.12 Crystal Space Contributors

This is a list of people who have contributed to Crystal Space in one way or another. Some of these people are no longer active with Crystal Space and may not be reachable. This list is sorted alphabetically by first name.

The following people have also contributed to the project either by providing minor patches or by their suggestions and ideas:

Adam Bailey
Alistair Leslie (AlistairL@optushome.com.au)
Artur Biesiadowski (abies@pg.gda.pl)
Branimir Karadzic
Charles Duffy (cduffy@bigfoot.com)
David Fox
Denis Oliver Kropp (dok@master.fischlustig.de)
Donald Ryan Willhoit (willhoit@mail1.andrew.cmu.edu)
Duane McDonnel
E. Allen Soard (esp@espsw.net)
Ed Halley
Frederick A. Niles
Furqan Ullah (furqan@writeme.com)
Garrett (garrett@memesis.org)
Gregory Austwick (g.austwick@virgin.net)
Harald Fielker (fielker@informatik.fh-augsburg.de)
Jan Dvorak (johnydog@go.cz)
Jaroslav Benkovsky (benkovsk@www.pvtnet.cz)
Jason McKnight
Jason Platt
Jonathon Doran (jon.doran@nsc.com)
Malcolm Peacock (malcolm@mpeacock.demon.co.uk)
Matt Keith (keith@www.keithcom.com)
Michael Knorr (damage-list@freenet.de)
Michael Robellard (miker@vetechno.com)
Paul Snively (psnively@earthlink.net)
Paulo Candido
Ryan J. Evans
Sebestyen Zoltan (szoli@valerie.inf.elte.hu)
Simon B. (simonb@telisphere.com)
Terrence Stewart
Thiago Ramon
Thomthee Besset (Besset@sugar-land.dowell.slb.com)
Travis McLane (tmclane@swt.edu)
Walt Armour (walt@armour.cx)
Wormz Studios (wormzstudios@iname.com)

Many thanks also for the people at GrimmWare for being the first to offer web space for Crystal Space.

Many thanks to Alessandro Russo for convincing his system manager to create a mailing list for Crystal Space. Thanks to Marco d'Itri (the system manager) for creating this list. Also thanks to those people for creating an FTP mirror of the original Crystal Space site.

Many thanks to Ted Nguyen for donating a couple copies of Microsoft Visual C++ 6 to the project.

If we have forgotten anyone or missed a contribution, we sincerely apologize. Please feel free to notify us of errors or omissions.

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