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5.9 Making Levels and Models in 3DSMax

3DSMax is a very powerful commercial 3D modeller which is supported very well by Crystal Space.

Exporting Levels

An exporter script to be ran from 3DSMax is available in ‘CS/scripts/max’.

This script has been developed by the team of PlaneShift, and can export complete levels in Crystal Space. See the dedicated manual located at ‘CS/scripts/max/exporterguide/index.html’.

Exporting Cal3d Models

Models of type Cal3d (see section SpriteCal3D Mesh Object) can be converted from 3DSMax.

Export plugin

A dedicated plugin also to be ran from 3DSMax is in development. It has basic support for static meshes and materials. It can be found in the SVN repository ‘CSExporters/CrystalMax’

Assimp Library

Finally, one of the best solution to import static and animated models is by using the Assimp importer.

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