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Crystal Space

Crystal Space is an open-source 3D software development kit (SDK). It can be used for a variety of 3D visualization tasks. Many people will probably be interested in using Crystal Space as the basis of a 3D game, for which it is well suited.

This document includes usage instructions, conceptual material, and detailed technical information.

This is edition 2.1.0 of the Crystal Space manual for Crystal Space version 2.1.0, last updated 11 May 2014.

Copyright © 1998-2007 by Jorrit Tyberghein
Copyright © 1999-2005 by Eric Sunshine
Copyright © 2003-2007 by Frank Richter
Copyright © 2004-2006 by Mårten Svanfeldt
Copyright © 1998-2000 by Andrew Zabolotny
Copyright © 1999-2000 by Seth Galbraith
Copyright © 2000-2014 by Philip Wyett
Copyright © 2001 by Michael Voase

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