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C.6.3 Input Helper Changes

Input Definitions

The file ‘csutil/inpnames.h’ has been renamed to ‘inputdef.h’, and the following functions have been removed:

These functions allowed you to convert a string such as Ctrl+A, ‘JoystickX’ or ‘Alt+Mouse1’ into values describing input events and vice versa.

The way to do this is now, however, is to use ‘csInputDefinition’, which resides in ‘csutil/inputdef.h’. The preferred way to convert a string to a definition is to construct a ‘csInputDefinition’ from a ‘char const*’; and the preferred way to convert a definition back to a string (perhaps constructed some other way) is via csInputDefinition::ToString().

There are also static helper methods in ‘csInputDefinition’ which accept arguments in a similar way to the old functions. These are convenience methods which perform the work of instantiating the object for you:

Mouse Corrections

Mouse buttons and axes used to be enumerated basis 1 (first mouse button was 1, Y axis was 2, etc). In keeping with good C/C++/Java/etc coding style, they are now basis-0 (first mouse button is 0, Y axis is 1, etc).

Joystick Corrections

The implementation of ‘iJoystickDriver’ has been fixed to treat joystick numbers consistently. Previously, on account of buggy implementation, some parts of the driver considered joystick numbers 0-based, while other parts considered them 1-based. It now uniformly treats joystick numbers as 0-based. This is consistent with button numbers for joysticks and mice, which are also basis-0.

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