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5.5 Default Lighting Shader Variables

Below are details on some of the shader variables available for use with the default lighting shaders. These can be attached either in code or in the xml definition of your model.

Variables on Materials

‘tex diffuse’

Type: Texture

Diffuse (colour) texture.

‘tex normal’

Type: Texture

Normal map texture.

‘tex normal compressed’

Type: Texture

DXT5nm normal map texture. Note that ‘tex normal compressed’ is preferred over ‘tex normal’.

‘tex height’

Type: Texture

Height map texture for parallax shading

‘tex specular’

Type: Texture

Specular color map.

‘tex ambient occlusion’

Type: Texture

Ambient occlusion map.

‘color modulation’

Type: RGB

Values used to set the colour of a material. The change in colour depends on the existing pixels in the material. The lower (darker) the value of the pixel, the less it's affected by the colour change.

‘tex glow’

Type: Texture

Glow map.

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