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4.21 Distributing your Crystal Space Application

At some point, you'll probably want to distribute your application, including people without the Crystal Space development environment.

This page is focusing on binary distribution. However, if you're distributing the source code as well, having a build system like the one created by the Jamtemplate's createproject.sh script is recommended (see section Creating an External Crystal Space Application).

Required set of components

Your application files

That is: any executable, data and configuration file specific to your application.

Crystal Space libraries

Files like ‘libcrystalspace-X.Y.so’ and ‘libcrystalspace_opengl-X.Y.so’ (check for .dll instead of .so on Windows platform) provide the base for Crystal Space support.

Crystal Space plugins

Your application uses a number of them. You'll have to identify which ones, or provide them all if in doubt. Note that bugplug's Ctrl-Alt-l can help to check which CS plugins are loaded.

Crystal Space configuration files
Crystal Space shaders

Your application most certainly uses some of the shaders provided with Crystal Space. The easiest is to copy them all in your application's package. They are located in ‘CS/data/shader/’. Note that Crystal Space generally expects to find them in ‘/shader/’ VFS mount point.

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