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4.15.4 GenMesh Animation

The shape of a Genmesh can be animated using an animation controller (classes iGenMeshAnimationControl and iGenMeshAnimationControlFactory).

An animation controller is given the ability to modify the state and shape of the mesh, i.e. mainly the main render buffers of the mesh such as the vertices, the triangles, the normals, the bitangents, along with other parameters such as the bounding box.

An animation controller is associated to a Genmesh using the methods iGeneralFactoryState::SetAnimationControlFactory() or iGeneralMeshState::SetAnimationControl(). If a Genmesh has an animation controller, then this controller will have its various methods iGenMeshAnimationControl::UpdateXXX() called every frame, whenever the mesh is visible, and allowing the controller to modify the Genmesh.

There are several different animation controllers already available in Crystal Space. These are:

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