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CrystalSpace is a big library with an extensive api. There is currently no specific python api documentation, but it works like the c++ api with some key differences due to how the languages are used.

In general, you have to keep the following in mind when using cs python api:

* Most interfaces and classes should be wrapped, but some might not be and need to be added to the bindings. When an interface is wrapped it should mimic the cs api closely. If you think something you need might be missing, ask in the mailing list.

* In general, python callbacks built on other than iEventHandler won't work, this is still being worked on.

* csString types can always be handled as python strings.

* Most list and iterator classes/interfaces can be handled as python dicts or lists (means they support dict/list notation, not that you can use dicts or lists in place of the cs classes.

* Output parameters for functions are converted into returned parameters. This is so because python doesnt handle references or pointers, so the parameters are more naturally returned.

Check the next section for how to actually use the cs python api.

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