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4.6 Basic Libraries

This chapter describes the features of the libraries which are linked into typical Crystal Space applications and plugins. For convenience, all of these libraries are contained in the primary ‘crystalspace’ library, so it is not strictly necessary to distinguish them for actual usage, however, for developers working on Crystal Space itself, it is helpful to understand how these libraries are broken down and the relationship between them.

This section presents a quick overview of the libraries provided by Crystal Space. More detailed descriptions of these libraries may be found in later sections.


This library contains various high-level classes and utilities. They tend to be much more specialized than the general-purpose tools provided elsewhere and may even depend upon plugin modules (unlike the other libraries mentioned here).


This library contains many low-level utilities including string and hash classes, to ZIP manipulation tools, plugin management and Unicode support modules.

SCF (Shared Class Facility)

SCF is actually a component of “csutil”, however, it is explained separately since it is both complex (compared to the rest of “csutil”) and fundamental to the understanding of plugin modules. See section Shared Class Facility (SCF).


A library for geometric operations. It provides 2D and 3D vectors, polygons and bounding boxes, 3D matrices and some other useful tools. See section Geometry Library (csGeom).


Basic image support and graphical manipulation tools.

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