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To make the testing somewhat easier we will add a way to terminate the application by responding to the ESC key. Add the following private method to our class in ‘simple.h’:

bool OnKeyboard (iEvent&);

The function OnKeyboard() will be called when an event arrives Add the following code to ‘simple.cpp’ just before Simple::OnInitialize():

bool Simple::OnKeyboard(iEvent& ev)
  csKeyEventType eventtype = csKeyEventHelper::GetEventType(&ev);
  if (eventtype == csKeyEventTypeDown)
    utf32_char code = csKeyEventHelper::GetCookedCode(&ev);
    if (code == CSKEY_ESC)
      csRef<iEventQueue> q =
        csQueryRegistry<iEventQueue> (GetObjectRegistry());
      if (q.IsValid()) q->GetEventOutlet()->Broadcast(csevQuit (
      	GetObjectRegistry ()));
  return false;

OnKeyboard() checks if the ESC key has been pressed. If so it uses the object registry to find the global event queue object. Using Broadcast() it then broadcasts the ‘csevQuit’ message to all interested parties. This will cause the application to quit by terminating the run-loop.

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