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4.22.4 Working with Meshes

BugPlug has various nice tools to work with meshes. If you press ‘ctrl-s’ then you can select a mesh with your left mouse button. Immediatelly you'll notice a blue box and a green 3D cross. On standard output you will see output representing the name of the selected mesh and the coordinate where you actually hit the mesh. The box represents the bounding box of that mesh. The green cross represents the three axes of the bounding sphere. You can disable the display of the box using ‘ctrl-d b’ and you can disable the display of the radius using ‘ctrl-d r’.

Now with this mesh selected there are a number of things you can do:

If you can't find a mesh but you know the name then you can also select a mesh using ‘ctrl-d ctrl-alt-m’. You'll be presented with a dialog in which you can type a regexp pattern. Using this you can also select multiple meshes. Typing ‘.*’ here will select all meshes. Note that this feature only works for meshes in the current sector.

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