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Getting the Plugin

This plugin has ‘crystalspace.syntax.loader.service.text’ as plugin id. Usually this plugin is already loaded if you also use the main loader plugin. In that case you can get this plugin from the object registry by doing:

csRef<iSyntaxService> services = csQueryRegistry<iSyntaxService> (object_reg);

If you need to load the plugin yourselves then the following code would work. This code will first check if the plugin is already loaded. If not it will load it:

csRef<iSyntaxService> services = csLoadPluginCheck<iSyntaxService> (
  object_reg, "crystalspace.syntax.loader.service.text");


This plugin implements the iSyntaxService interface. The definition of this interface can be found in ‘imap/services.h’. There are basically three kinds of functions in this interface:

In this document we explain a few of the more important parsing functions present in this plugin.

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