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1. Introduction

CrystalSpace is a portable, modular 3D SDK, including many components for building various types of applications and games. It is even useful for projects that do not involve 3D. CS is still very much in development, so anyone who feels inclined to do so can contribute to the source. There are a number of incomplete components still needing to be finished, and a wide array of possibilities for new contributions; for more information about what is missing and a list of currently known bugs, please visit the CrystalSpace tracking and planning site at:


CrystalSpace is free and will remain free. CrystalSpace falls under the GNU copyleft license for libraries LGPL. A copy of the LGPL is included in this manual for your perusal (see section Licenses). In short, the LGPL allows you to use CrystalSpace as a library in your products, even commercial products, but modifications to the library or derivative works incorporating parts of the library must be made freely available to everyone, under the LGPL's terms.

Please read the FAQ if you have any questions. If you don't find the answer there, you can always email the mailing lists. See section Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or Mailing Lists.

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