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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: Land Ownership In Game on: August 05, 2008, 07:26:39 pm

Why  not? You'll have to program it of course. That's not something Crystal Space does as it is only the 3D engine.


First I wanna thank you for the greetings. I really am glad to be able to communicate here.

However I would like to pick your brain a bit. As far as I'm concerned, or understand, 3d realms are composed of several different areas, but it's really only one "solid" mass. I'm not sure then how to approach this division. Would I compose the land of different 3d plates, or do we just program the hex as an overlay of the landmass? Any other approaches to this issue that you can think of?
2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Land Ownership In Game on: August 04, 2008, 11:58:00 pm
I'm not a developer by any means. I'm simply an artist working on a concept. That being said, I am working with a novice developer, and we're gonna need some help.

I want to create an MMO which is played on a Hex grid. The map would be a fleshed out environment, but the players could purchase, farm, and build on the land in various sections of the grid. Kinda like battle of wesnoth in 3d. Is this possible?
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