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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Serious Developers wanted for long standing business project. on: August 15, 2005, 02:50:38 pm
ID software started with a couple of developers and a write man who went through a bit to assemble a team and get doom created.
I have spent my money on the last two attempts to develop my universe, which failed due to deaths and what not. These projects edtwo weeks after Hexen II came out. Bad luck saw the end of it before completion. The second attempt, after redevelopment occured in 2001. This second project resulted in my $8000 deposit being stolen when the lead programmer relapsed into a secret addiction and overdosed. I am serious and determined to bring this to life, but have already spent my money.  I seek *serious* artists and coders to begin a small ID type software firm. The current docket includes one each of the following. I AM NOT HIRING ANYONE. THose interest will becoem partners on the project, compensation will occur post completion as an equal share of profits.
           A FPS, RTS, RPG and space adventure ala SC2 on hormone therapy.
What will be needed to make this proper quality.
Artists to produce modles, textures and images to accomodate developers and writers. Will also be responsible to assist in package and advertisment designs.
Writers to add their two sense worth and expand for future projects. See I have no ego.
Coders to produce modular game engines that will be first stable, second fast and third capable of easy expansion for game contect. We want to make the sort of game that people refuse to let go of, such as SC2, TA and UT.                                 
                   Think cavedog in terms of modularity. A couple of downloadable files and players have expanded their game.
 Level Designers to produce expansive levels based on writing, art rough level design from the writers and artists.

This will be a commercial project. The original development team will then become partners in a business once signed on. This is a serious project. Those with terminal illnesses, drug habits and a tendency to get hit by cars need not contact me. I don't mean to sound cold but if your not going to live to see any profits and don't want to talk to you. Again, my money is already gone, so no advance payment. Besides, partners are more reliable than employees.

If interested email me.
Include a name along with a list of your three favorite books, games and movies. Coders and artist will need to have a humble portfolio prepared. Writers will be put on the spot to create something short from an existing line. Level designers for any genre can submit their portfolio after I have talked to them.

2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: anyone interested in helping make a rpg? on: August 15, 2005, 02:32:44 pm
I am actually a writer who can do a tiny bit of programming and om good with nurbs. I was actually in here to try and assemble a team for my own projects including a modular RPG system. I could certainly try and contribute to your first as a means of establishment first. I have had two projects, costly and failed due to car wrecks and the like. For my part, if your interested in working with me on mine later down the road (after I scratch your back, of course) it is a suite of games set in a common universe entailing an RPG, an RTS, a SC2 sort of game and an FPS. Meanwhile, email me and tell me whatcha got.
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