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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Cannot get CS to build - VS2008 Express errors on: November 08, 2011, 05:24:01 am
I'm trying to build the PlaneShift source, but I'm running into an issue here when trying to build Crystal Space:

Naturally, I'm following the PlaneShift compiling guide, found here: - It's a bit old, so I went ahead and got the latest CS version and libraries. It brought up the above errors, so I went to the compiling guide and found the revision and old libraries - After purging my computer of the newest CS, I grabbed the named CS version (Revision 36451, library 1.9_008). Same errors.

There is one possibly important detail that I had to change: My folder had no \CS\win32libs\include folder - Instead, it had a \CS\winlibs\x86\include folder, which I substituted for in my VC 2008 (Express) "Include" folder list. Aside from that one detail, I've followed the linked compiling guide up to the "Build CS" step.

My cursory research into this error seems to point more towards an error in the code than an error in the actual VC 2008 files but as a precaution I did reinstall VC2008 (With SP1, of course) since I haven't touched it in quite some time. This provided no results.

EDIT: OS is Windows Vista, in case that makes any difference. I doubt it, but it IS possible.

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated. I'd really like to get this thing to work.
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