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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: CrystalSpace on OSX on: April 14, 2013, 06:00:25 pm
I figured out that there is no problem with VFS.
The actual problem is that I run everything on the Mac with Intel GPU. Obviously there is no nvidia Cg toolkit support.
The YouFrankie tutorial says: "However, currently the only available combiner is the Cg one.".
Does that mean that CrystalSpace runs only on nvidia GPUs?
2  Crystal Space Development / Support / CrystalSpace on OSX on: April 14, 2013, 09:04:47 am
Hello everyone,

I'm new to CrystalSpace.

Finally I managed to compile the whole CrystalSpace SDK on OSX (ask me if you want to know how, it's kinda tricky).
The build process finished with no errors, but now none of demo applications works.

I tried to run walktest:

bash-3.2$ ~/Developer/crystalspace/bin/
Crystal Space for MacOS/X [MacOS/X-x86(32)-GCC]
Ported to MacOS/X by Eric Sunshine <>

NOTIFY: World saving enabled.
ALERT:  Failed to add audio device IO proc.  Return of 1852797029.  Failed to add audio device IO proc.  Return of 1852797029.

Level load time: 0.533 seconds.

Total load time: 0.671 seconds.
Cleaning up...

It seems that the app itself works well but for some reason it cannot find any resources.
Installation prefix was "/Users/serge/Developer/crystalspace" and my vfs.cfg has the following lines:

; Configuration-time installation paths.
VFS.MacOS/X.CS_SHAREDIR = /Users/serge/Developer/crystalspace/share/crystalspace-2.0
VFS.MacOS/X.CS_DATADIR = /Users/serge/Developer/crystalspace/share/crystalspace-2.0/data
VFS.MacOS/X.CS_CONFIGDIR = /Users/serge/Developer/crystalspace/etc/crystalspace-2.0
VFS.MacOS/X.CS_MAPDIR = /Users/serge/Developer/crystalspace/share/crystalspace-2.0/data/maps

What could be wrong with all this?

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