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1  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: I was spamed gay porn on: August 02, 2006, 05:07:24 am
Ditto. I got 2 of them sent to me. "Don Johnson" I think an admin should bann his account.
2  Crystal Space Project Development / Feature Requests / Re: about specular & shaders on: September 08, 2005, 09:38:54 pm
Well with Doom III they made it Dark specifically so when an IMp tried to claw you to death it scared the piss out of you. There more then likely is a way to adjust the shadows in Doom III. Also you have to realise that Doom III doesent even touch the full capabilities of the engine. There is alot of unused stuff that ID just dident put in to the final version of Doom III...which I dont understand and is a shame. But in help to your Doom III problem..I suggest downloading one of the MANY flashlight mods.
3  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / RPG: Tale of a Thousand Moons on: September 02, 2005, 12:19:59 pm
Hi, My name is Kei and I am the owner of NeoSpawn Games (some may have heard of me on other forums). My dream is Tale of a Thousand Moons. A enspancive living breathing world. A "Dynamic" RPG. You choose from 7 different distinct races and 13 cultures. You can be almost anything from a fishermen who sell fish in the local market to a shammon of your people. There is a main time line of events, you can either aid, disrrupt, watch, or destroy the event depending on what your char is, how far you are from the event and so on. So if you char just happens to be in a town where a dragon is slightly mad and wants to roost people for fun you can either slay the dragon, run for your life, leave town and watch people die horrific deaths, or slay the dragon and make the people appoint you leader of the town or they will face a wrath worse then the dragon who now lays dead on the ground. It's stuff like this that make TOTM unique. Depending what you do will effect the major time line. There is NO "offical" ending. You start at any age beyound twelve untill upwards of 300 depending on the race before you char dies on natueral cuases.

What NeoSpawn Games needs:

CODERS this was the downfall of the old team. No one wanted to code with out wanting like 20-40k UP FRONT!! I kid you not.
A new team of modelers.
Texture Artists
Mainly coders though. If we can get some coders up and getting just a basic "This is a small demo map" with a terrien then we can get more modelers and texture artis and concept.  Then we can show it off to people who may be interested in to investing. Then this WILL be paying. But ONLY if we can find an investor....or I win the lotto. Smiley  If you are interested and or want to know more please DO NOT hesitate to either reply and or e-mail me at that is also my MSN messenger as well.

Also the design doc for TOTM is being redone yet again. I will post it soon.
4  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: Serious Developers wanted for long standing business project. on: September 02, 2005, 09:58:49 am
Wow..sounds alot lot like how my ideas has gone up in smoke..though no one has died on me yet..I am sorry for your loss both team wise and finacialy. I also have been looking for serious people to help me with a RPG I have written out. Some models are already done, concept art and a good chunk of the story is complete as well. Depending on what it is you are looking for maybe we could both benifit each other. Also the advances in the CS engine are very nice. I remeber thinking about CS for my RPG before they even got the bump mapping out. It was about Quake II/III most. I do belief that my game will run on CS now unless I can get a large investment from some one like Epic or some other company Cheesy lol. Wouldent mind using the Unreal III engine lol. Anyways I wish you the best with your idea and furture team. If you want to contact me my e-mail is as well as my MSN. Good Luck Smiley

                                                 Owner of NeoSpawn Games
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