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16  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: smooth bumbmapping on: November 15, 2007, 10:55:39 am
I don't understand what you mean with this. If I go to the examnples section, what should I see there?
17  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: smooth bumbmapping on: November 14, 2007, 07:15:19 pm
OK I made a normal tex with dragengine and it looked fine in the dragengine itself. But in the blender2crystal walktest I still see the old ugly shadows, as well as the new one from the normal texture. It's like the normals from the texture count less than the ones already present on the mesh.

I really would like it to look like it looks in the dragengine. Can someone just tell me the blender2crystal settings for making the low poly mesh look more like in dragengine? I'm using the shadowed renderloop. This one gives each mesh three shaders: ambient, diffuse and standard.
18  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: smooth bumbmapping on: November 12, 2007, 06:08:17 pm
OK thanks. But what is that baking thing? You mean the dragengine. Does that work well enough then?
19  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / smooth bumbmapping on: November 12, 2007, 03:47:27 pm
Hello I'm using blender2crystal 0.6.0 rc2 and crystalspace 1.2. I'm trying to make a game character genmesh. I've made a model for it's face, but I can't seem to get the shading right. I've tried bumbmapping with a normal texture that is just all pixels 0x947FFE, so the shading should make the mesh look like it's all smooth. However, the mesh doesn't look smooth. It has weird points in which one vertex is shaded completely different from the connected vertices, making the face look rough like shown below.

Does anyone have an answer to my problem. Because I've heard the purpose of normalmapping is making a well shaded mesh without having to add extra vertices to make it smoother.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any help available for this. Thx!
20  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: anti alias on: November 08, 2007, 10:51:45 pm
Here is one, smaller tough, 'cos png is bigger format.
21  Crystal Space Development / Support / anti alias on: November 08, 2007, 07:41:43 pm
Hello I'm using crystalspace 1.2 and I wonder if the engine has some anti alias function. Because the edges of certain meshes are showing to have ugly pixellated lines.
22  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: TraceBeam question on: November 07, 2007, 03:43:50 pm
OK the factory of the ceiling mesh contains this code:

<meshfact name='thingCeiling'>
      <v x='11.7083' y='0.0664438' z='10.6122'/>
      <v x='11.7083' y='0.0664438' z='-9.78781'/>
      <v x='-12.3097' y='0.0664438' z='-9.78781'/>
      <v x='-12.3097' y='0.0664438' z='10.6122'/>
      <p name="0">
          <uv idx="2" u="-2" v="3"/>          <uv idx='1' u='3' v='3'/>          <uv idx='0' u='3' v='-2'/>        </texmap>

And the world file, that is loaded contains this:

<meshobj name='ceiling'>
<v x="12.7448" y="-0.442003" z="12.7448"/>
<v x="12.7448" y="-0.442003" z="-12.7448"/>
<v x="-12.7448" y="-0.442003" z="-12.7448"/>
<v x="-12.7448" y="-0.442003" z="12.7448"/>
<t v1="3" v2="2" v3="1"/>
<t v1="3" v2="1" v3="0"/>
        <v y='4.29926' x='1.10138' z='-2.69455'/>

Now the camera, that I put in the game world after loading the map always chooses to have a position relative to the player. Tracebeam is used to adjust that position for collisions. The NUM_8 and NUM_2 keys move the camera up and down. Here is a piece of code that is called every frame:

static float desiredDistance = 2.0f;

if(kbd->GetKeyState(CSKEY_PAD2) && desiredDistance < 5.0f) desiredDistance += 10.0f*delta;
else if(kbd->GetKeyState(CSKEY_PAD8) && desiredDistance > 2.0f) desiredDistance -= 10.0f*delta;

csVector3 startpos, tarpos, endpos;

startpos = player->GetPosition(); tarpos = startpos; tarpos.y += desiredDistance; endpos = tarpos;

csTraceBeamResult cd_result = csColliderHelper::TraceBeam(cdsys,sector,startpos,tarpos,true);
if( cd_result.sqdistance >= 0 )
      endpos = cd_result.closest_isect;


So tracebeam should check whether the ceiling is hit and the camera shouldn't move up any further. I have made a little graph to illustrate what happens when I start pressing down the num_2 key at t=0:
23  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: TraceBeam question on: November 06, 2007, 06:21:51 pm
I believe the feature has a bug. I have used it on a ceiling, composed of two triangles of which the four vectors all have the same y-value. The actual collision geometry is represented by a copy of those triangles(stated on the map file within the meshobject). The only difference is that the vectors have a little lower y-value.

Now i use tracebeam_result.sqdistance >= 0 to test if there was a hit. The thing is that this test only returns true when the triangles of the mesh factory intersect with the beam. When that happens however, the tracebeam_result.closest_isect returns the value of intersection with the triangles which represent collision geometry.

It's not a big problem to me, I can get around it. Just letting you know.
24  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: bumbmap lighting error on: November 06, 2007, 04:56:24 pm
OK I disabled the lighting cache and now there's no more warning message.

25  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: C++ and XML along with other tutorials? on: November 06, 2007, 08:34:29 am
I believe you can constuct meshes from vertices, load textures and add lights by C++ code as well. But this is not neccesary, the engine can just load xml files with this information already stored.
26  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: bumbmap lighting error on: November 05, 2007, 12:51:37 pm
Ow I thought the warning meant that the engine was automaticly using ~Relight, because the shaders were wrong or something. I didn't realise it was an instruction.

Thanks! But how do I use ~Relight. It's not clear to me what that is. Is it some modification for the map file, or should it be done at runtime? If it should be done at runtime I'd like to have a way to get ~relight done automaticly when the application runs.
27  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: How to use portal to "go back"? on: November 05, 2007, 08:32:38 am
The xml code never seems to contain any information about the position in the target sector, that the portal leads to. How does an application know where to warp to in the target sector?
28  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: no alpha on: November 04, 2007, 08:54:42 pm
It is not transparant in normal bumbmap either.

But my actual goal is making the window partly transparant and partly world reflective. So I will probably change shaders again.
29  Crystal Space Development / Support / bumbmap lighting error on: November 04, 2007, 08:44:13 pm
Crystalspace 1.2
blender2crystal 6.0 rc2

Hello everybody, I have a mystery.

I'm using the shadowed renderloop in a mapfile I have created with blender2crystal. The map contains five meshes with bumbmap shader, like the image below and one mesh with paralax shader, like shown below.

When I run the map in the walktest, it runs just fine. However, when I run it in my own app like this:

  vfs->ChDir ("/lev/simple");
  if (!loader->LoadMapFile ("world")) ReportError("Error couldn't load level!");

then on runtime I get the warning:

Couldn't load cached lighting for 6 object(s). Use ~relight to calculate lighting.

To the map itself I can't see any rendering differences. It's just annoying having the warning everytime I do a test run.

If anyone sees directly what I'm doing wrong, I'd be happy to hear.
30  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / no alpha on: November 04, 2007, 02:16:54 pm
Hello, I tried to make a window with blender2crystal 6.0 on my blender 2.34, so I used a transparant PNG image and the light_spec_bumbmap.xml shader. The thing is, the window is not transparant in the walktest.

My renderloop is shadowed.

Is there some way to get my window mesh transparant? I'm planning to use other transparant PNG images as well for grass and leaves.
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