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Author Topic: Monochrome... A FPS (Sorta) concept.  (Read 3210 times)

« on: May 05, 2006, 07:06:09 am »

I had an idea for a FPS, (Or 3rd person shooter, dunno which would work better). It's kind of interesting concept, story-wise. Very 1984ish. The whole story, and my ideas for it have a very sci-fi meets 1950 kind of feel. The simple life, meets high-tech. Here's the story, thus far.

The Background

The world once was diverse. Dozens of races of humanity, thousands of cultures, all sharing one globe. Unfortunately, all was not well. The cultures and races grew to fear, then hate one another. No one remembers who struck first, but a global war erupted. The third of them. And as it turned out, the final. Global genocide erupted, every race and culture fighting tooth and nail for their way's survival. Eventually, the largest weapons humanity could bring to bear, were unleashed. The world was wreathed in white fire for many days. When the smoke cleared, there was no more will to fight. Each settled in their own part of the world, and did their own thing. One way of life, settled in the ashes of the once proud nation of America. That way of life, with it's vast array of scientists, decided do do away with diversity, and all the things that lead to war. This is the tale of that way.

The Awakening

It all started, with a simple incident. A supply shortage, an unfortunate mishap, and a mistake, fed a chain that would change the lives of all of humanity.

Lucent was walking through his kitchen, making a proper, square breakfast of tasteless bread, bland apples lacking all of their bite, and skim milk. None of this bothered Lucent, however. He was Obedient. Dutifully working at the writing center, turning out sheet after sheet of propaganda. Trying to convince the Unruly to join the Organization. Walking down the monochrome street, he tripped. Dropping his case of medication down into the sewer. He thought little of it, thinking he could get his supply of medication to ensure he remained a functional, productive member of society. The medication dulled the creative section of the brain, doing away with all will to create, all free thought. It turned men of wisdom into the na├»ve, it dulled the intellect, it suppressed the very soul of man, turning him into an obedient slave. Writers were given a special blend of Medication, designed to free the creative, while dulling free will. So that they would create only what they were told. Maybe it was because of this light blend That the effect wore off in a day. Walking down the street, coming back from his job, for the first time, he saw color.  For the first time, he saw the world as it truly was. Free from the haze of medication, and never wanting to go back. When he got home, he discarded the idea of calling the supply center altogether. When suddenly a knock came on his door. It was his two friends from the Security Force. They barged in with an unusual callousness, as if he was simply another Unruly, instead of their childhood friend. Suddenly he realized... they knew he was free. And they didn't like it.

As soon as I settle my texturing issue, I'll post a walktest-able level to explore. (It won't have weapons or enemies, cause I'm a crappy programmer, but a decent designer, and a decent writer.) If anyone would like to help, you can email me at I could use a programmer, and someone that's good with 3d models. (Especially people, cause that's my weak spot). But no help would be refused.
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