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Author Topic: Library texture loading  (Read 4192 times)
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« on: November 02, 2007, 11:53:59 pm »

Hello I have a library file, extracted from a blender2crystal created world zipfile. From this library my program loads a meshfactory:

<texture name='ASHSEN_2.jpg'>
<material name='MaterialASHSEN_2.jpg'>
<meshfact name='pointer'>
<v x="1" y="0.25" z="-1" u="0.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0.4756" ny="0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="1" y="-0.25" z="-1" u="0.000000" v="0.000000" nx="0.4756" ny="-0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="1.78814e-007" y="-0.25" z="1" u="1.000000" v="0.000000" nx="0" ny="-0.91287" nz="0.408246"/>
<v x="2.68221e-007" y="0.25" z="1" u="1.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0" ny="0.91287" nz="0.408246"/>
<t v1="3" v2="2" v3="1"/>
<t v1="3" v2="1" v3="0"/>
<v x="-1" y="-0.25" z="-1" u="0.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="-0.4756" ny="-0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="-1" y="0.25" z="-1" u="0.000000" v="0.000000" nx="-0.4756" ny="0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="2.68221e-007" y="0.25" z="1" u="1.000000" v="0.000000" nx="0" ny="0.91287" nz="0.408246"/>
<v x="1.78814e-007" y="-0.25" z="1" u="1.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0" ny="-0.91287" nz="0.408246"/>
<t v1="7" v2="6" v3="5"/>
<t v1="7" v2="5" v3="4"/>
<v x="1" y="-0.25" z="-1" u="0.999996" v="-0.940477" nx="0.4756" ny="-0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="2.23517e-007" y="-0.25" z="-0.7" u="0.499998" v="-0.758794" nx="0" ny="-0.72216" nz="-0.691702"/>
<v x="1.78814e-007" y="-0.25" z="1" u="0.499998" v="0.000000" nx="0" ny="-0.91287" nz="0.408246"/>
<t v1="10" v2="9" v3="8"/>
<v x="-1" y="-0.25" z="-1" u="0.000000" v="-0.940477" nx="-0.4756" ny="-0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<t v1="10" v2="11" v3="9"/>
<v x="-1" y="0.25" z="-1" u="0.000000" v="-0.000000" nx="-0.4756" ny="0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="-2.23517e-007" y="0.25" z="-0.7" u="0.499998" v="-0.181683" nx="0" ny="0.72216" nz="-0.691702"/>
<v x="2.68221e-007" y="0.25" z="1" u="0.499998" v="-0.940477" nx="0" ny="0.91287" nz="0.408246"/>
<t v1="14" v2="13" v3="12"/>
<v x="1" y="0.25" z="-1" u="0.999996" v="0.000000" nx="0.4756" ny="0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<t v1="14" v2="15" v3="13"/>
<v x="2.23517e-007" y="-0.25" z="-0.7" u="0.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0" ny="-0.72216" nz="-0.691702"/>
<v x="1" y="0.25" z="-1" u="1.000000" v="0.000000" nx="0.4756" ny="0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="-2.23517e-007" y="0.25" z="-0.7" u="1.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0" ny="0.72216" nz="-0.691702"/>
<t v1="18" v2="17" v3="1"/>
<t v1="18" v2="1" v3="16"/>
<v x="-2.23517e-007" y="0.25" z="-0.7" u="0.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0" ny="0.72216" nz="-0.691702"/>
<v x="-1" y="-0.25" z="-1" u="1.000000" v="0.000000" nx="-0.4756" ny="-0.78341" nz="-0.400006"/>
<v x="2.23517e-007" y="-0.25" z="-0.7" u="1.000000" v="-1.000000" nx="0" ny="-0.72216" nz="-0.691702"/>
<t v1="21" v2="20" v3="5"/>
<t v1="21" v2="5" v3="19"/>

However, the program seems to be unable to load the jpg file that is in the same directory as the library. Can someone please tell me how to get that jpg loaded for my factory?
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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2007, 05:54:35 am »

Can you show me the code you use to load the library?

Make sure you use vfs->ChDir() to go to the right directory before loading the library as your paths in the file are relative.

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« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2007, 09:56:41 am »

Using vfs->ChDir() already solves my problem, thanx.
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