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csNormalCalculator Class Reference

A normal calculator. More...

#include <cstool/normalcalc.h>

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static void CalculateNormals (csDirtyAccessArray< csVector3 > &mesh_vertices, csDirtyAccessArray< csTriangle > &mesh_triangles, csDirtyAccessArray< csVector3 > &mesh_normals, bool do_compress)
 Calculate normals for the given mesh.

Detailed Description

A normal calculator.

Definition at line 36 of file normalcalc.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void csNormalCalculator::CalculateNormals ( csDirtyAccessArray< csVector3 > &  mesh_vertices,
csDirtyAccessArray< csTriangle > &  mesh_triangles,
csDirtyAccessArray< csVector3 > &  mesh_normals,
bool  do_compress 
) [static]

Calculate normals for the given mesh.

mesh_vertices Vertices of the mesh.
mesh_triangles Triangles of the mesh.
mesh_normals Normals of the mesh.
do_compress if true then the vertices will be compressed (equal vertices collapsed) before calculating normals. If false then this will not happen which means that you can have seams.

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