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CS::Animation::iSkeletonRandomNodeFactory Struct Reference
[Mesh plugins]

Factory for blending nodes playing randomly their sub-nodes. More...

#include <imesh/animnode/skeleton2anim.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void AddNode (iSkeletonAnimNodeFactory *node, float probability)=0
 Add a new sub-node to be played randomly.
virtual void ClearNodes ()=0
 Remove all sub-nodes.
virtual iSkeletonAnimNodeFactoryGetNode (uint node)=0
 Get the sub-node at the given index.
virtual uint GetNodeCount () const =0
 Get the number of sub-nodes.
virtual void SetAutomaticSwitch (bool automatic)=0
 Set that the node should automatically switch to next one upon completion of the current one, otherwise it will stop after the first sub-node has been played.
virtual void SetNodeProbability (uint node, float weight)=0
 Set the selection probability for a specific node.

Detailed Description

Factory for blending nodes playing randomly their sub-nodes.

It defines instances of CS::Animation::iSkeletonRandomNode.

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Definition at line 897 of file skeleton2anim.h.

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