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A font server interface. More...

#include <ivideo/fontserv.h>

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virtual bool GetWarnOnError ()=0
 Get status of warning emission on error.
virtual csPtr< iFontLoadFont (const char *filename, float size=10.0f)=0
 Load a font by name.
virtual void SetWarnOnError (bool enable)=0
 Enable or disable error reporting.

Detailed Description

A font server interface.

Font server can load fonts and create iFont objects. In fact user does not care whenever fonts are built-in the font server or are on disk; thus some font servers may contain the fonts hardcoded; in this case the font path is really a identifier.

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Definition at line 242 of file fontserv.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool iFontServer::GetWarnOnError (  )  [pure virtual]

Get status of warning emission on error.

virtual csPtr<iFont> iFontServer::LoadFont ( const char *  filename,
float  size = 10.0f 
) [pure virtual]

Load a font by name.

Returns a new iFont object or 0 on failure.

virtual void iFontServer::SetWarnOnError ( bool  enable  )  [pure virtual]

Enable or disable error reporting.

By default, the font loaders emit a warning when a font could not loaded. Use this method to enable or disable that behaviour.

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