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iHalo: used to render halos (aka "light globes"). More...

#include <ivideo/halo.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Draw (float x, float y, float w, float h, float iIntensity, csVector2 *iVertices, size_t iVertCount)=0
 Draw the halo given a center point and an intensity.
virtual void GetColor (float &oR, float &oG, float &oB)=0
 Query halo color.
virtual int GetHeight ()=0
 Query halo height.
virtual int GetWidth ()=0
 Query halo width.
virtual void SetColor (float &iR, float &iG, float &iB)=0
 Change halo color.

Detailed Description

iHalo: used to render halos (aka "light globes").

This interface can be used as well for any scalable semi-transparent 2D sprites. The "halo" is really just an alpha map; the sprite is a single-colored rectangle with more or less transparent portions (depends on alpha map).

Definition at line 41 of file halo.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iHalo::Draw ( float  x,
float  y,
float  w,
float  h,
float  iIntensity,
csVector2 iVertices,
size_t  iVertCount 
) [pure virtual]

Draw the halo given a center point and an intensity.

If either w and/or h is negative, the native width and/or height is used instead. If the halo should be clipped against some polygon, that polygon should be given, otherwise if a 0 pointer is passed, the halo is clipped just against screen bounds.

virtual void iHalo::GetColor ( float &  oR,
float &  oG,
float &  oB 
) [pure virtual]

Query halo color.

virtual int iHalo::GetHeight (  )  [pure virtual]

Query halo height.

virtual int iHalo::GetWidth (  )  [pure virtual]

Query halo width.

virtual void iHalo::SetColor ( float &  iR,
float &  iG,
float &  iB 
) [pure virtual]

Change halo color.

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