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iKeyComposer Struct Reference
[Event handling]

Keyboard input handler. More...

#include <iutil/csinput.h>

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virtual csKeyComposeResult HandleKey (const csKeyEventData &keyEventData, utf32_char *buf, size_t bufChars, int *resultChars=0)=0
 Handle keyboard input.
virtual void ResetState ()=0
 Reset the composer's internal state.

Detailed Description

Keyboard input handler.

Definition at line 61 of file csinput.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual csKeyComposeResult iKeyComposer::HandleKey ( const csKeyEventData keyEventData,
utf32_char buf,
size_t  bufChars,
int *  resultChars = 0 
) [pure virtual]

Handle keyboard input.

Converts the input to characters, if possible. If the key passed in is a dead key, it will be stored internally and affect the returned data of the subsequent keypress.

keyEventData Information from a keyboard event.
buf Buffer to store the output in. Should be at least contain 2 characters (however, the method will work with smaller buffers as well.)
bufChars Number of characters the output buffer is actually sized.
resultChars If not 0, returns the number of characters written to the output buffer.
The type of character(s) that has been written to the output buffer.
virtual void iKeyComposer::ResetState (  )  [pure virtual]

Reset the composer's internal state.

Specifically, it will clear any stored dead key - the next key won't be combined with it.

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