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iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce Struct Reference
[Mesh plugins]

Simple force/acceleration applied to particles. More...

#include <imesh/particles.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const csVector3GetAcceleration () const =0
 Get constant acceleration vector.
virtual const csVector3GetForce () const =0
 Get the force vector.
virtual const csVector3GetRandomAcceleration () const =0
 Get random acceleration magnitude.
virtual void SetAcceleration (const csVector3 &acceleration)=0
 Set constant acceleration vector.
virtual void SetForce (const csVector3 &force)=0
 Set the force vector.
virtual void SetRandomAcceleration (const csVector3 &magnitude)=0
 Set random acceleration magnitude.

Detailed Description

Simple force/acceleration applied to particles.

The new velocity of particles is computed by a simple formula

v' = v + (a+f/m)*dt

v - old velocity (vector) v' - new velocity (vector) a - constant acceleration (vector) f - force (vector) m - particle mass (scalar)

Definition at line 707 of file particles.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const csVector3& iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce::GetAcceleration (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get constant acceleration vector.

virtual const csVector3& iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce::GetForce (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get the force vector.

virtual const csVector3& iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce::GetRandomAcceleration (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get random acceleration magnitude.

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce::SetAcceleration ( const csVector3 acceleration  )  [pure virtual]

Set constant acceleration vector.

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce::SetForce ( const csVector3 force  )  [pure virtual]

Set the force vector.

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEffectorForce::SetRandomAcceleration ( const csVector3 magnitude  )  [pure virtual]

Set random acceleration magnitude.

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