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The following options can be used to configure the simple console plug-in. The default values are stored in ‘CS/data/config/simpcon.cfg’.

SimpleConsole.ConFG = <red>,<green>,<blue>

Set the color that is used for console output and the frame rate counter. Default is 255,255,255 (white).

SimpleConsole.ConBG = <red>,<green>,<blue>

Set the color that is used for console background. Default is 0,0,0 (black).

SimpleConsole.ConFont = <font name>

Set the font to use for the console and frame rate counter. Default is ‘auto’ which uses an auto-selected font depending on display size. However, this font may be a tad small (especially if running at 320x200). So you can also choose: ‘tiny’ (very small font), ‘courier’, or ‘police’ (fixed font).

SimpleConsole.LineMax = <number>

Set the maximum number of lines that will be displayed in the output console at the top of the screen. This console is used for output of several diagnostics commands (but not for the frame rate, this appears at the bottom).

SimpleConsole.LineHistory = <number>

Control the size of the history in the console (the history is the number of commands that you can go back to). Default is 32.

SimpleConsole.TranspBG = <yes/no>

Enable/disable transparent console.

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