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The following options can be used to configure the sound modules. The default values are stored in ‘CS/data/config/sound.cfg’.

General Sound Configuration

These options apply to all sound renderers:

Sound.Volume = [0..1]

Set the global volume. A value of 0 means silence, 1 means as loud as possible. Default is 1.

Software Sound Configuration

These options only apply to the software sound renderer:

Sound.Software.Frequency = <frequency>

This sets the output frequency. Possible values depend on your system and sound card, but divisors of 44100 (e.g. 22050 or 11025) usually work. Default is 44100 (optimal).

Sound.Software.16Bits = <yes/no>

Enables 16 bit sound output. Default is yes.

Sound.Software.Stereo = <yes/no>

Enables stereo sound output. Default is yes.

Wave-Out Configuration

These options only apply to the Wave-Out sound driver under Windows:

Sound.WaveOut.Refresh = <rate>

Sets the refresh rate of the sound output as a per-second rate. The lower this rate, the more time passes between your application starting to play a sound and the sound actually being audible. Because the Wave-Out driver uses a triple buffering system, this delay is 2 to 3 seconds divided by the refresh rate. So you should set a rate of at least 10 to prevent serious delays. Default is 5.

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