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7.6 Writing test and demo applications

This section provides information useful to developers who wish to write demo and test applications for the features they have added in Crystal Space.

There are mainly two sets of tools that are designed to help write and showcase test applications:

The ‘startme’ demo browser

The ‘startme’ application is supposed to be the main tool used by a new user of Crystal Space who wish to have an insight of the functionalities available. It allows to navigate in a list of demo and test applications, with a short description and a screenshot of them, and the ability to launch and close those applications.

The list of applications and their description is defined in the file ‘data/config-app/startme.cfg’. The screenshots to be used are held in the file ‘data/startme.zip’.

The CS::Utility::DemoApplication facility

The CS::Utility::DemoApplication and related classes provide the basic functionalities for Crystal Space's demo and test applications. Most demos, tests and tutorials would want to use this class in order to simplify their code, make it more pertinent for the user, and unify the graphical and general layout between all applications.

The kind of functionalities provided by those classes are the creation of the main objects of the engine and of the scenes, the camera management, the user interaction through command line arguments and Head-up Displays, etc.

The advantages when using it are:

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