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7.5 Porting to a New Platform

This section provides information useful to developers who wish to port Crystal Space to new platforms.

Before undertaking the job of porting Crystal Space to a new platform one should, at least marginally, familiarize one's self with the various modules which comprise the package. A good way to gain such an overview is to read the Chapter about the internal structure of Crystal Space (see section Internal Project Structure), as well as the chapter about using Crystal Space (see section Using Crystal Space).

Once you have gained an overview of structure of Crystal Space, the first step in porting is to check the file ‘include/types.h’ and see if it conforms to your system. This file defines various types and constants which may need to be customized for a particular platform. If you have a system with uncommon sizes for integers (for example 32-bit ‘short’ values) then you may need to adjust the definitions contained within this file. However, for most platforms this file may be used as-is.

FIXME: Flesh out the remainder of this discussion.

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