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4.20.5 Creating Crystal Space RPM's


Written by Vincent Knecht vincent.knecht@mailoo.org. Last updated 19 March 2006.

Creating Crystal Space RPM Packages

It is possible to build Crystal Space RPM's. This is useful if you want to distribute pre-built Crystal Space packages, or if you want to install Crystal Space on your machine using the normal package management facilities of your host. For this purpose, ‘CS/scripts/rpm/cs.spec’ file is provided with Crystal Space.

Configure to Build RPM Packages

Building RPM packages involves a few settings, which are covered at the following page:


Building Your Own RPM's From Source Archive

Once you've set your system to build RPM packages as a regular user, perform the following steps:

  1. Get Crystal Space sources archive (see section Where to Get Crystal Space) and put it in your ‘rpm/SOURCES/’ directory.
  2. Go into your ‘rpm/SPECS’ directory.
  3. Extract the ‘CS/scripts/rpm/cs.spec’ file, and put it in your ‘rpm/SPECS/’ directory. You can also get the latest ‘cs.spec’ file at http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.cgi/*checkout*/crystal/CS/trunk/scripts/rpm/cs.spec
    cd /home/user/rpm/SPECS
    tar xvjf /home/user/rpm/SOURCES/cs-current-snapshot.tar.bz2 \
    mv CS/scripts/rpm/cs.spec /home/user/rpm/SPECS
    rm -rf CS
  4. Verify the source archive filename you downloaded is set in accordance with the filename part of the URL in ‘Source:’ line of ‘cs.spec’, otherwise rpm won't be able to do his job.
  5. Build the RPM's.

Build options are specified by using --with switch. The following values are supported:

So, to build all packages, with Perl support, use:

rpmbuild -ba cs.spec --with perl

The binary RPM's should be under ‘rpm/RPMS/’, and the source RPM in ‘rpm/SRPMS/’.

The process creates four Crystal Space binary RPM packages:

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