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1.7 Where to Get Crystal Space

The Crystal Space home page contains the latest development and official releases of Crystal Space. Here is a small note about the difference between the official and the development (beta) releases: both the official and development versions are actually beta. The difference is that the official release should be more stable and will be easier to get working as all documentation and makefiles are up-to-date. The development release will probably have more features but it may not work very well on your particular system, it may not work at all, or you might not be able to compile it. But the development release may also work very well. You never know.

The Crystal Space home page is located at:


The Crystal Space Developer's Project page is located at:


The released Crystal Space packages can be downloaded via HTTP from the following location:




Bleeding-Edge Developmental Releases (SVN)

Crystal Space is being actively developed. You can download bleeding-edge versions of the project from the SVN repository where the absolute latest copy is stored. There are two ways to access the developmental version of the project.

First, you can access the SVN repository directly via a SVN tool. Instructions for doing so may be found here:


Second, you can download a snapshot of the SVN repository using HTTP. Snapshots are generated daily and are accompanied by standard ‘diff’-style patch files.


You can also view the contents of the SVN repository online including all of the historical information.



Documentation is included with the Crystal Space distribution. A gateway to all documentation can be found in the file ‘CS/docs/README.html’. You can read the local copy of the Crystal Space User's Manual with your web browser by loading the file ‘CS/docs/html/manual/index.html’, or the Crystal Space Public API Reference Manual by viewing the file ‘CS/docs/html/api/index.html’.

Documentation is available for online viewing. The Crystal Space User's Manual is available for online viewing at this location:


The Public API Reference Manual is available for online viewing here:


In addition, all of the above documents may be downloaded for offline viewing from the following location.


The downloadable documentation may be available in a number of formats. At the very least, it will be available as HTML.

Developers can generate their own copies of these manuals from the Crystal Space source package by invoking certain makefile targets. The Crystal Space Manual can be converted to various output formats by invoking any of the targets ‘manualhtml’, ‘manualps’, ‘manualpdf’, and ‘manualinfo’.

The Public API Reference Manual and Developer's API Reference Manual can be converted to HTML format by invoking the ‘apihtml’ and ‘apidevhtml’ makefile targets, respectively.

These makefile targets place the generated output in appropriately named subdirectories of ‘${builddir}/out/docs’.

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