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The standard library archive, ‘standard.zip’ and the standard texture archive, ‘stdtex.zip’ are included with the Crystal Space package within the ‘CS/data’ directory. These files contain resources which are used by several Crystal Space demonstration programs. Do not unpack these files; Crystal Space uses them as-is.

You will also need to have at least one map file in order to use the Crystal Space demonstration program, WalkTest. Typically map files should be placed within the ‘CS/data’ directory. As with other Crystal Space resources, map files are actually compressed archives which are used directly by the engine, thus you should not unpack these archives.

The most commonly used map file is ‘castle’ since it demonstrates many of the special features of the engine rather than focusing on merely one or two areas. This map is typically distributed as part of the Crystal Space package and can be found in the ‘CS/data/castle’ directory. You can download additional example map files from the ‘maps’ subdirectory of each release of Crystal Space at the download site:


Be sure to place the map files into the ‘CS/data’ directory.

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