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2.4.7 MacOS/X

Written by Eric Sunshine, sunshine@sunshineco.com. Copyright © 1999-2012 by Eric Sunshine. Last updated 15 July 2012.

Crystal Space was ported to MacOS/X by Eric Sunshine. Matt Reda added OpenGL, CoreGraphics, and CoreAudio drivers to the MacOS/X port.

This section contains configuration, compilation, installation, and usage instructions for the MacOS/X port of Crystal Space. The MacOS/X port of Crystal Space is built atop Apple's Cocoa technology which Apple inherited from NeXT and then enhanced. This port is the progeny of the earlier NextStep, OpenStep, and MacOS/X Server 1.0 (Rhapsody) ports of Crystal Space by Eric Sunshine.

Comprehensive and detailed implementation information about the MacOS/X port is also available (see section MacOS/X).

If you have downloaded a binary-only package of Crystal Space for MacOS/X, you may want to skip over the following sections explaining how to build Crystal Space, and jump directly to the section explaining how to run the applications (see section Using Crystal Space).

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