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3.1.3 Command Line options

Walktest takes the name of a map to load as a command line parameter. If this is given as a full VFS path, the map file called ‘world’ in that directory is loaded.

If there is no initial ‘/’ character, ‘/lev/’ is stuck on the front. If there is no map specified at all, ‘/lev/castle’ is assumed, so the default map is ‘/lev/castle/world’. (This is almost true ... the default path is specified in ‘/data/config/walktest.cfg’).

Many of these command line options are of specialised or limited use.

Win32-specific options:


Create a debug console (default = yes) (@@@ Note to Frank, depends on release/debug mingw/msvc?)

Options for WalkTest:


Execute given script at startup. In this case, the entire script is run. If you run a script from within Walktest once it is running, the script is run one line per frame.

By default, ‘/data/config/autoexec.cfg’ is executed. This defines key bindings which take effect when not in console mode.


Collision detection system (default 'colldet').


Draw logo (default 'logo'). This controls display of the Crystal Space logo in the top right of the display.


Load every map in a separate collection (default off).


Check for duplicate objects in multiple maps (default off).


Special infinite level generation (ignores map file!).


Allow random generation of bots.

Options for Crystal Space 3D Engine:


Disable all lightmaps and lighting so that everything is fullbright (default off).


Field of Vision (0).

Options for the canvas drivers:


Display depth (16).


Fullscreen if available (no).


Window size or resolution (640x480).

General options:


Display a help message.


The 3D rendering driver (opengl, ...).


The 2D canvas driver (asciiart, x2d, ...)


Load this plugin after all others.


Be more verbose; print better diagnostic messages.

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