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3.1.4 Console Commands

As soon as you run Walktest, you see the world that is loaded, and you can move about in it. Pressing Tab replaces your view with a console into which you can type commands. Pressing Tab again clears the console and returns you to the view of the map.

To get a fairly current list of the commands, press Tab to get the console then type help.

Many of the commands are used to show or set internal variables. For example, coordshow will show whether the coordinate display is currently enabled or not. Use coordshow on or coordshow off to change the state. A command that accepts on or off also accepts toggle to change the current state. This is useful when bound to a key, so that you don't have to have one key to turn a feature on and another to turn it off.

Some of the commands are bound to single keypresses, so they can be invoked when not in console mode. This is controlled by the ‘/data/config/autoexec.cfg’ file, and is indicated alongside the description of the full command inside square brackets.

Commands are of various types:

If there is a key name after the command name in square brackets, this is the default binding and the shortcut can be used when not in console mode.

The commands have been broken down into categories, but some commands defy categorisation. If you can't find what you're looking for, keep looking!

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