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These are probably the most useful commands. The others commands can be grouped into types or related commands.

quit [q]

Exit the program.


Display the version string.

bind key command

Bind a key to a command. The given key can be anything like alt-c, shift-pgdn, home, ctrl-space, etc. The command can be anything that you can execute in the console. If you only give a key this command will show the current command that is bound to that key. If you give no parameters then all current key-bindings will be listed. Note that if you bind a key which has already been bound then the old key-binding will be removed.

This command is used extensively in ‘/data/config/autoexec.cfg’ to set up the key bindings for walktest.

Note that pressing a key executes the command once only, unless the modifier ‘status’ is given. For example, bind left rotate_left will execute only one rotate_left command when the left arrow is pressed, but bind status-left rotate_left will continue to rotate while the key is pressed.

The modifiers are status (as described above), shift, ctrl, alt. The shift modifier must be used. Bind S is not the same as bind-shift-s.

The special key names are left, up, down, right, pgup, pgdn, enter, f1 to f10

console [Tab]

Toggle console visibility. Not useful in itself, but bound to the Tab key.

coordset sector,x,y,z

Jump to location, specified as a sector name and X, Y, Z coordinates.

coordshow Boolean [Control C]

Enable/disable display of coordinate at runtime. Note that enabling the coordinates display automatically disables the statistics display.

coordsave [Shift C]

Save the current sector and location in VFS file ‘/tmp/walktest.cam’.

coordload [c]

Restore the saved position from VFS file ‘/tmp/walktest.cam’. Note that the position will always be restored but the orientation of the camera will only be restored if ‘move3d’ is set.

exec name

Run a script, one line per frame. The name must be a VFS path.

extension str

Perform a Graphics extension command in the 2D canvas plugin. This is plugin-dependant. Currently the X11 port is the only port that has extensions (‘sim_pal’, ‘sim_grey’, and ‘sim_332’). They are used when simulating 15/16-bit display mode on a 8-bit display

s_fog r,g,b,density

If no arguments are given this command will show the fog settings for the current sector. Otherwise you can set the fog level for this sector. Syntax is ‘s_fog r,g,b,density’.

snd_play name

Play named sound as ‘name.wav’ as an ephemeral sound.

snd_volume Value

Change the master volume. Value between 0 and 1.


Usage message, listing these commands in a slightly more terse form.

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